Digital agency paired with a smart platform

Scone is a digital agency with an online platform that enables your company to make better presentations and documents. It's quite simple. Upload the presentation, document or design that you want our designers to transform. Receive a free price quote and wait for our designers to do what they do best.

Easy collaboration about your projects

Use our platform to chat, share files and collaborate about your design projects directly from your browser. Keep conversations, add quick feedback or change requests to your presentations, documents and designs without ever sending an email.

Ready to get started?

We're ready to help you and your company take over the world through great design and stunning presentations.

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Some features

👫 Create your team

Create your team and invite your co-workers to get support from our skilled designers.

📤 Upload presentations

Upload your presentations directly to the platform and wait for us to transform your slides or documents.

🔒 Private projects

Limit access for your teammates to projects containing private or sensitive data.

✅ Stay on schedule

Add your deadlines and prioritize tasks to get projects off the ground much faster!

📅 Start and due dates

Give each design task a start date and a due date, so we always hit your deadline!

⭐ Customer Success

We're dedicated to your success and will help you whenever you'll need it!