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Become a more succesfull consultant

You earn a living providing professional advising in a particular field or specialty. No matter if you’re a freelancer, an independent advisor or a management consultant for a consulting firm, we got you covered! Using our visual expertise, we help trusted advisors make their complex messages stand clearer in both written documents and presentations. Furthermore our service will free up time which can be used for more demanding tasks.

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🤔 Clear communication

We craft presentations and documents that'll make sure your audience will understand the important message.

📄 Professional documents

Get the attention needed from your clients and turn your documents into a competitive edge.

💰 Bill our service to your customers

Calculate our cost in future projects and use Scone as your subcontractor. Everybody wins!

Raise the document standard

We help you with your important documents by adding an extra layer of visuals and attractive infographics highlighting the important content and data. No matter if it’s a report, analysis or a tender, we’re ready to help you raise the standards.

Present like a pro

When presenting a difficult and complex message to your client, you’ll need to make sure that everyone around the table understands your message and the outcome of your work. Otherwise you’ll be challenged in your role as an advisor. We’re experts in presentation design and presentation techniques which will help you deliver, every time!

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